Official Student Organization

Postgraduate Student Union

Since 1983, the Postgraduate Student Union has focused in serving postgraduate students and promoted the welfare of the postgraduate body. It often holds excellent academic activities in campus. Now it consists of 13 departments and 16 college branches.

Address: Room 101, Jianyang Doritory Building 18th

Student Union

The Student Union is an influential student organization and represents the JNU undergraduate student body. It acts as a bridge between the student body and the University authority in furthering the interests of the students and the University as a whole. Now it consists of 12 departments, 1 campus committee and 21 college branch.

Address:4th floor of Great Hall

Student Association Union

Student Association Union consists of 9 departments and 3 campus branches. It is responsible to manage all autonomous clubs and organize various extracurricular activities. There are nearly dozens of member clubs scattered in JNU GZ campus and all of them can be divided into four categories( see the below)

Address: North side, 1st floor of Jingling Square

Autonomous Clubs


Cycling Club, Skating Club, Diabolo Club, Chinese Kongfu Club, Ping-Pong Club, Taekwondo Club, Badminton Club, Tennis Club, Baseball Club, Volleyball Club, Soccer Club,Nunchakus Club, Tianyu Chess Club, Climbing Club, Orienteering Club


Magic Club, Dance Club, Cinema Club, Drama Club, Guitar Club, Animation Club, Painting & Calligraphy Club, Yueyun Chinese music instrument Club, Travel Club, Tai-chi Club


Law Aid Club, Chinese Medical Club, Accounting Club, Philosophy Club, Love Teeth Club, Skyland/Awesome English Club, Tongmeng Janpanese Club, Inventor Club, Photography Club, Mingyu Tea Club, Marketing Club, City Club, Reading Club, Yudi Historical Geography Club, Media Club, Yifeng Literature Club


Liehu Wireless Club, Career Club, Sunshine Love Club, Emergence Knowledge Club, Internet Helper Club, Heyi network teaching Club

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