Academic Degrees Office

Notes for guidance of Applicants for Transfer of Candidature to the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)

Patterns of Postgraduate Transfer to PhD

1.Pattern “1+4” or “1+1+3”(applied for by postgraduates in grade 1 in the second semester)

2.Pattern “2+3” (applied for by postgraduates in grade 2 in the fourth semester)

3.Pattern “3+3” (applied for by postgraduates in grade 3 in the sixth semester)

Conditions for Transfer

1.Under the University’s Regulations for the Degree of Master of Philosophy (MPhil), a candidate whose scientific degree has been confirmed may be permitted to transfer the candidature to the degree of PhD. (Postgraduate students who are oriented or enrolled by Contract are not included)

2.In applying for transfer, the candidate should

(a)Observe the law and discipline and be willing to contribute to the country.

(b)Satisfactorily complete all coursework requirements (both public and professional courses) and gain the required credits. A first place scholarship in the application year is needed.

(c)Highlight his/her spirit of innovation and potential for academic research.

(d)Be sound in body and mind.


1.To apply for transfer of candidature of the degree of PhD, a candidate shall submit ‘Application of Transfer to the Degree of PhD in Jinan University’ and other related documents, and register during the national PhD student registration period.

2.A candidate shall submit letters of recommendation from their supervisor and two professors teaching the applied major (or experts).

3.The college will then consider whether the candidate is qualified and evaluate his/her performance from his/her ideology, professional knowledge, foreign language skills, research ability and potential.

4.After consideration, the college will draft a transfer list, which then will be displayed publicly for 7 days.

5.The transfer is approved if no one protests against the list by the end of the 3rd day.

Other Notes

1.The transfer, if approved, shall take effect at the next semester. The candidate of the Pattern “1+4”will have a one year probation period. Then he/she will be examined by a supervisor group, if he/she fails the examination, he/she will be dismissed from the transfer project and continue his/her MPhil study.

2.The candidate of the Pattern “2+3”and “3+3” begins his/her transfer at the next semester. They have no probation period.

3.The doctoral degree will be conferred only when the candidate completes all coursework requirements, passes all examinations and his/her thesis defense, and achieves substantial results. If the Doctoral Thesis Defense Committee considers that the candidate’s thesis is not good enough for a doctoral degree, but is qualified for a master’s degree, the candidate will be conferred a master’s degree.