1. Guangzhou overseas Chinese hospital

Guangzhou overseas Chinese hospital is the first affiliated hospital of Jinan university。It is a Grade III Level A general hospital that provides services across various fields of medicine, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and recovery. It opens to all the patients at home and overseas.

It is the nearest large comprehensive hospital. A new inpatient building has been in full service. The intelligent, digitalized, and friendly environment makes patients at home.


Main Ways of appointed Registration

1. web:

2. tel:020-28826006

3. Self-service machine for registration:( in the hall of second, third, fourth floor of outpatient building)you can use China Union Pay Card or Yang Cheng Tong

4. Medical assistant(Overseas Chinese APP):

Scanning the QR codes to download and install the “Medical assistant” APP of Guangzhou overseas Chinese hospital. Finish associated settings and you can apply for registration.

Address: 613 Huangpudadao Xi, Tianhe District,Guangzhou.

3minutes walk on the left from the south gate of school.

Emergency call: 020-38688102


2. Tianhe Shipai Jinan University community health service centercampus clinic

As a campus clinic of the first affiliated hospital of Jinan university, it serves all the faculties, families of teachers, students and other residents in communities nearby. It mainly engages in daily care for residents, prevention and treatment of common ailments, guidance of women and children’s health care and family planning, planned immunization, health education, visiting and giving rehabilitation guidance for patients with chronic disease and disable people.

clinic hour

1. General clinicMonday to Friday8:00am-12:00am


                                      weekends:     8:00am-11:30am



cardiovascular divisionTuesday. pmSaturday. am

gynecology division:     Tuesday .amSaturday

oral specialty:              Monday to Friday

Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation divisionMonday-Friday

ECG Room :               Tuesday.

type-B ultrasonic:         Wednesday. pmFriday. am

X-ray room:                 Monday to Friday.

(NOTE:It should be noted that the clinic hour  may be different in physical examination period and winter and summer vacation. It is advised that you check the timetable before going to hospital.)

Address: About 100m from the south of students’ No.1 dormitory.

Medical insurances

Basic medical insurance

( Urban residents' basic medical insurancePremium120 RMB per year)

Complementary commercial insurance

(insure for commercial insurance company, Premium: 30 RMB per year)

For more details:

Tel: 020-38688068

Mental Counseling

Jinan University Mental Health Education Center is directly subordinated to teaching and scientific research division. Guided by Mental Health Education committee of Jinan University, it serves  all the students and teachers.

The main services:

1. Offer mental health courses and spread psychological knowledge

2. Carry out all kinds of psychological measurements.

3. Offer mental health counseling

Entering Jinan Mental Health Center, you can see a counseling room, room for catharsis, relaxing room with music, sand play room, group guidance room. Etc. Here you can talk with advisory consultants freely,  enjoy yourself in the music ,free your mind in catharsis room, or regain the happiness of growing up. It is your space and time.

You can make an appointment for mental health counseling on the website or through the phone.

Address: 1st floor of  south side of Tsang Hin-chi Science Museum.

Tel: 020-8522420085220406


Timetable of Psychological Counseling

Monday   19:00-22:00

Tuesday  14:30-16:30


Wednesday 19:00-22:00

Thursday 19:00-22:00

Friday    19:00-22:00

Saturday 9:00-12:00



Sunday  9:00-12:00