Shops on Campus

As the only medium size supermarket in JNU, Sunshine L. Better Shop , located in the Zhenru Building sells wide varieties of food and drink. In view of the fact that parts of students come from HK, Taiwan, Macao and foreign countries, the supermarkets provide students with many imported commodities. Minghu Mall, on the second floor of Zhenru Building, offers students magazines, newspapers, stationary and snacks. Compared with Sunshine L. Better Shop, the prices of some goods in Minghu Mall are cheaper. There is also a shop on the second floor for students to copy and print.

Shops around Campus



Zhongshan DadaoXi

SHENGJIA Supermarket

Shipai DongLu


113 Taoyu Lu

Circle K

621Tianhe Lu


Tianhe District


Shopping malls:

Huayi Department Store

Zhongshan DadaoXi

Happy Valley

Machang Lu, Tianhe District



Machang Lu, Tianhe District



Tianhe Lu, Tianhe District


Shopping in Guangzhou

Lying next to Hong Kong and Macao, Guangzhou is aware of its commercial development. The biannual Canton Fair adds to the commercial atmosphere. To tourists, the city is really a 'Shoppers' Paradise'.

1.Pedestrian Street Of Shangxiajiu

Located in the Liwan District of Xiguan, Pedestrian Street Of Shangxiajiu is a fantastic destination with various affordable goods, unique Guangzhou-style buildings and simple yet luxurious standard Cantonese dim sum.

How to get there: Take metro Line 3 at Gangding and transfer to Line 1 at Tiyu Xilu, get off at Changshou Lu , take Exit A, and walk about 500 meters along Baohua Lu.  

2.Pedestrian Street Of BeijingLu

Pedestrian Street Of BeijingLu is located in the center of Guangzhou. It assembles fashion shopping malls and time-honored stores, such as Chen Li Ji, San Duo Xuan and Xindaxin Company, offering a variety of clothing, shoes, jewelry and leather products of various levels.  

How to get there: Take metro Line 1 or 2, get off at Gongyuanqian, and then walk to Pedestrian Street Of BeijingLu.

3. China Plaza

China Plaza lies at the junction of Zhongshan3 Lu, facing Guangzhou Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs.

China Plaza has 9 floors, including a basement floor. Clothing, mobile phones and accessories, furniture, and food are all available there.

How to get there: Take subway line 1, get off at Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs, and take Exit A.

4. Gangding Computer and Digital Shopping Center

There are several computer shopping malls in this center, and the main ones are Tianhe Computer Mall (at NO. 502 Tianhe Lu), Buy now Computer Mall, Pacific Digital Plaza, Guangzhou Computer Mall, and EGO Digital Plaza

Appliances and various digital products including computers, laptops, tablets, digital cameras, accessories, and software are widely sold there.


Teemall is the most prosperous and the most international business center in Guangzhou. The all-encompassing shopping mall offers services covering shopping, eating (including Chinese food and Western food), entertainment, body building, business affairs, and exhibition.  

How to get there: Take metro line 1 or 3 to Tiyu Xilu or a bus stopping at Tianhe Sports Center.

Local Products

Don't forget to buy some local products such as the Wang Laoji Herbal Tea, Canton Embroidery, Canton Enamel and Canton Sculpture.
1. Canton Sculpture includes Canton Ivory Carvings, Jade Sculpture, Wood Sculpture and Olive Sculpture.
2. Canton Enamel is short for Guangzhou Colorful Pottery, which has a history of over 300 years.
3. Canton Embroidery, namely Yue Embroidery, is one of the Four Famous Chinese Embroideries together with Su Embroidery, Xiang Embroidery and Shu Embroidery.
4. Canton Bacon is the general designation of cured meat in this area.
5. Wang Laoji Herbal Tea is a kind of drink which can calm inflammation in the body.