Community Activities

Only for Postgraduate student

“Postgraduate Cup” Basketball Match:

It is held in October. Each college male and female teams compete fiercely for their collective honor. Cheer leader shows are also a highlight.

Christmas Dance Party:

Every December, it is a golden opportunity for finding a boyfriend or girlfriend, so no matter boys or girls dress up decently to show their charming.

Badminton Tournament:

In April, both tutors and students join together to compete with different colleges. It is a good chance to hence the teacher –student friendship.

Postgraduate Student Congress Meeting:

It is held in May. Two hundred delegations from different colleges collect students’ ideas and appeal for their interest. It is a democracy event.

For all student

International Folk Dance:

Since 1988, it has become the most influential dance competition every two year. Without going out of campus, you have the chance to enjoy numerous wonderful folk dances.

International Cultural Festival:

It is the No.1 of Canton University Activities and also called the JNU Carnival. You can enjoy delicious food and funny game of all the country in the world.

Chinese Cultural Festival:

It is one-day carnival.  In this day, you can watch fantastic traditional shows and experience all the Chinese ancient custom and history in hundreds of  game boothes.

Oversea Student Cup:

It is a comprehensive sport event designed for overseas student. Dozens of foreign student teams compete in dodgeball, soccer, volleyball, basketball and running.

“Aurora Borealis” Singing Competition:

Since 1986, it has been the most popular singing competition every spring. Many nobodies turn to be shining “Campus Star” after that musical night.

New Year’s Concert:

In order to celebrate the coming of new year and offer students a free chance to enjoy classical music, a chamber concert is held every December by a group of campus musician of violin, piano, flute and so on.