1.General Principles

(1) Adhering to this General Principle, Jinan University fellowship given to merit-based graduate students is aimed at encouraging them to endeavor to make a tremendous step scaling the heights of science and technology and cultivating them to be high-level specialists with innovative ability.

(2) Fellowships may be awarded to current graduate students who abide by the state laws and regulations of Jinan University and who safe guard the unity of the motherland, ardently love Chinese Culture, have sense of decency, respect teachers and love school, are concerned about the collective, unite classmates and have good grades.

(3) Fellowships are generally merit-based awards intended to support a non-directional student in a full-timecourse of study. Those directional, consigned, connected with external unites are exceptions.

(4) Fellowships are provided for applicants applyingfor master degrees. Departments organize review according to the quotas and then school’s reform group administering graduates’ cultivation examines and approves the application.

(5) To select talents according to the rule of open,equity and justice, Jinan University entrusts departments to administer the scholarship programs. The evaluation of fellowship promotes students’comprehensive quality and improves their ability in thesis writing.

2. Source of Fellowship

Competitive fellowships are available to current students from a number of sources including the following: state-sponsored training expense for graduate students, tuitions from graduate students, tutor’s funds and other funds raised from the university.

3. Scope for the Application

The scholarships of the graduate students in a full-time course of studywill be suspended for one year if they

(1) issue false information or conceal adverse information in their application materials;

(2) have academic or moral problems;

(3) have not pass their final examinations and must repeat a grade or make up examination;

(4)fail to have the GPA of 75 in the mid-term examination;

(5)are penalized by Jinan University due to any violation of the conduct code;

(6)fail to pass the tutor’s evaluation or assistants’ performance appraisal;

(7)fail to register on time for without reason;

(8)fail to participate in the collective activities in university, school or department without reason;

(9)have part-time jobs outside school without tutor’s consent;

(10)cause major accidents or serious loss in the scientific research or the clinic practice;

(11)involve in illegal organizations or activities;

(12) involve in other illegal acts;

4. Contents and Standards of Fellowship’s Evaluation

(1) Doctoral students in a full-time course of study in admission receive 100%tuition and 1000RMB per month; Graduate students in a full-time course of study in admission receiving the type of A fellowship are the students recommended in admission or among the top list in the admission exam.

(2) The graduate students are justified by the quality of mentality and moral, profession and scientific achievements. Departments set their own eligibility requirements and amounts to be awarded.

(3) In the third school year, the doctoral students can be awarded as A, B and C in proportion respectively. If the students are fail to pass the non-degree examination or have poor performance in scientific research, their fellowship is degraded to D.

In the second and third year, the graduate students can be awarded as A, B and C in proportion respectively according to the scholarship quotas and performance in comprehensive evaluation.

If the students publish thesis in Science and Nature or other national journals, their fellowship can be raised to A directly.

5. Procedures of the Evaluation of Scholarships

(1)Graduate Department issues notice of scholarship evaluation every May to June.Jinan University distributes quotas and grades to each department.

(2) During the period of graduate freshmen’s interview, those who are intended to be admitted should complete the written approval with relevant regulations on graduate students’ cultivation mechanism reform. Those who refuse to accept relevant regulations will be deprived of the right of fellowship and should pay the school tuitions on the basis of D-grade fellowship. The senior graduate students who fail to complete Comprehensive Evaluation Form for Graduate Students in Jinan University are regarded to accept the D-grade fellowship.

(3) Those junior or senior graduates who meet the standards of fellowship should complete Comprehensive Evaluation Form for Graduate Students in Jinan University and should hand in forms and other required materials to the departments within the prescribed time. The evaluation results should strictly abide by school regulations and be publicized for 5 days.

(4) Before the beginning of terms, each department should subscribe the list of fellowship.

6. The Awarding and Management of the Fellowship

(1) The duration of fellowship depends on the length of schooling, namely graduate students 2 to 3 years,doctoral students 3 years and master-doctor students 5 years.

(2) The fellowship is awarded in each month of a year, except February and August.

The Jinan University will suspend awarding fellowships to graduate students who take MBA-DBA or pursue doctoral degree in advance in the very month of their doctor’s study. It should be noted that those students are awarded fellowships in accordance with the cultivation program of doctoral degree.

(4) The graduate students who fail to complete studies within the required time but meet the rules of schoolregister management are exempt from tuitions under the condition that the graduate department approves the application proposed by supervisor. Thegraduate students are provided with fellowships after discussion with tutors referring to relevant standards.

(5) Awarding of fellowship in Special Cases.

The Jinan University suspends awarding fellowship under the condition that the graduate students leave school for the reason of studying abroad or domestic exchanges lasting more than three months. The awarding of fellowship will be suspended in the very month of students’ leaving and will be recovered in the next month once students’ register procedure is completed after coming back to school.

The Jinan University does not award those graduate students who apply for school suspension.

The Jinan University stops awarding fellowship to those graduate students who drop out of the university at the drop out time. The exempted tuitions are with drawn partially by the Finance Office according student’s schooling time.

The Jinan University has the right to work out rules for more special cases.

7. Supplementary Articles

(1) The Jinan University gives financial support to those graduate students tutors who are in trouble with scientific research. Those tutors approved by the university are allowed to recruit only one graduate student. It should be noted that the continuous application should not be more than three times.

(2) Those graduate students with financial difficulty in finishing school study approved by tutors can apply for “3-aid”or National Student Loans.  More details can be found in relevant documents.

(3) The evaluation standards can be carried out with the approval of the graduate cultivation mechanism leading group. Referring to Chapter 4, each department has the right to issue evaluation standards. It should be noted that the quota and proportion of fellowship should abide by school rules.

(4) The experimental units should get rid of the original plan and carry out the new one.

(5) All rights for explanation are reserved to the Graduate Department.

(6) The plan should be carried out upon issued.