Graduate Assistantships is the arrangement in which financial support is given to graduate students as service awards. Full-time graduate students could apply for assistantships with the approval of the supervisor. Applicants qualified but from economically disadvantaged families have priority to be appointed.

1.Types of Assistantship Appointments

(1)Graduate Assistantship (GA)

A Graduate Assistantship is an academic appointment focused on the administrative work, which varies with different positions.

(2)Teaching Assistantship (TA)

A Teaching Assistantship is an academic appointment in support of teaching. His/her work is assigned by the teacher he/she assists. The work normally includes correcting assignments, leading laboratory sections, assisting curriculum design, checking exam papers etc.

(3)Research Assistantship (RA)

A Research Assistantship is an academic appointment for research. His/her work is assigned by the project leader and normally includes experimental data analysis, computer operating, engineering designing, report writing, product developing, files processing, documentation translating etc.


Hiring departments enroll students by both open recruitment and the recommendation of relevant teachers or departments. Ordinarily the appointment period is one semester. One student can have at most one assistantship.

Students applying for assistantships should submit application forms to the hiring department within the first two weeks of the semester and later take the interview of the hiring department.

Hiring departments will then submit the form to the Graduate School for final approval.



Students appointed are required normally 40 to 45 hours work per month(approximately 10 hours per week). The compensation for doctoral student is 500RMB per month,and master student 400 RMB.


The compensation of GA is awarded by the university; the compensation of TA is provided half by the university and half by the relevant school; the compensation of RA is paid fully by the hiring department.

Hiring departments should do the monthly assessment of the students and submit it to the finance department by 5th the next month.Salary is paid straight into students’ accounts. The payment name list will be released monthly on the Education of Graduate Student website.


The graduate assistantships can be regarded as part of the Teaching Practice, which is an important component of the Graduate Training Program, and recorded into the graduation appraisal and the graduation reference. Excellent assistants could have the priority in the competitions of other evaluation systems.