With the concept of training graduates — “Be student-oriented; be demand-oriented; teaching according to individual aptitude and classifying in cultivation”, Jinan University attaches great importance to the intensity, breath, quality and impact of its research, achieving favorable recognition from home and broad. Research at Jinan University aims to develop much more people to be fruitful in academics, strong in economics, and influential in society and noble in character across the university’s disciplinary spectrum and through interdisciplinary initiatives and to make contributions to society—regionally, nationally even internationally through the achievement of our research.

With more than 600million CNY in research expenditure, we have attained 109funding projects so far, mainly involving in medicine, chemistry, biotics and management. We have set up lots of interdisciplinary research centers, institutes, key and joint research laboratories, bases in humanities and social science and engineering centers, including advanced researching facilities. Meanwhile, we also achieved projects from the “Disciplinary Innovation of Institution of Higher Learning”  (the 111 Program) published by Ministry of Education and Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs as well as applied for many patents of the State Intellectual Property Office(SIPO), such as improving the ability of learning and memory and preventing the obstacles of learning and memory, Fiberoptic vector vibroscope belonging to photonics technology, etc; whereas it can take years or even decades in other fields of research before the true value becomes obvious. Therefore, Jinan University generates a great influence on the development of China and it is consistently ranked as one of the most comprehensive universities. What’s more, with a strong team of senior leadership in research filled with a great background of academics and abundant experience. Jinan University is nationally popular with students.

Generally speaking, graduate study at Jinan University receives a wealth of financial support in tuition, stipend and organized research expenditure at home and abroad. All the cost and the resources of graduates vary by school, enrollment status. Anyway, students are encouraged to plan ahead and anticipate their financial needs to complete their degree.