Cultivation Program

Postgraduate Students Cultivation Programs

(new specialties of postgraduate students added in 2010 )

Graduate School of Jinan University

September of 2011


In 2010,our university has added 10 professional master degree authorization specialties, including the optical engineering specialty and material engineering for engineering. After that, we have 18 professional degrees(including clinic medicine doctor ’s degree and master’s degree for clinic medicine, and senior managers and master of business administration for mater degree of business administration), of which the engineering master includes 13 specialties. And the neurobiology school of biology started to enroll new students in 2011.

The Postgraduate Students Cultivation Program is an important document for basic, regulatory and overall postgraduate students cultivation and management, serving as central basis of the work of postgraduate students cultivation and management. Therefore, graduate school of Jinan University required those cultivation centers of professional master degree authorization specialties to formulate respective cultivation programs and to discuss and ensure the their program scientific and feasible.

In the formulation of cultivation programs, each professional degree cultivation program is formulated based on directional program formulated by the National Professional Degree Education Guidance Committee, while each academic degree cultivation program is based on Jinan University Cultivation Provisions of Master Degrees and is combined with the actual conditions and regulation requirements of our university. Professional degrees have to pay more attention to the cultivation of practical capability, while academic degrees have to focus on the cultivation of higher-level of academic originality.

Each cultivation program has specific requirements on cultivation goal, study period, research direction,curriculum arrangement,cultivation ways and means,opening report,credits requirement, teaching practice requirement, dissertation. Our university has specified each course’s number and their English names in order to complete the graduate about the integrated education administrative network.

The cultivation program will start into effect from the postgraduates enrolled in 2011.

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                                                                                                                           September, 2011