Jinans over 1200 graduate researchers, scholars and teachers enjoy a high reputation throughout China.

The Graduate School has recruited about 3700 foreign students so far. Its advanced concept of Gateway for Overseas Students gives full expression to freedom and openness. Academic communication knows no boundaries in Jinan.

Within broad subject areas, graduate faculty often serve in more than one field, further increasing mentorship options for students.

Figure 1: Within subject areas, percentage of graduate faculty serving in multiple fields.

For some faculty, field membership even spans subject areas.

The Graduate School establishes committee structure to provide guidance through research degree students study. In this way, each and every graduate student is cultivated with considerateness and kindness by outstanding directors.

Faculty Distinctions:

1. Professional Titles:

1922 full graduate faculty, including 2 Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 Chinese Academy of Engineering, 475 PhD supervisors, 504 professors and 692 associate professors.

2. Academic Credential:

1732 possess graduate degree, accounting for 84.91% of all full graduate faculty.

Criteria for Graduate Faculty Membership