The Graduate School also provides "Status"--an online application status check to track the receipt and the decision notification of your application.

As an applicant who has created an account but has not yet submitted your application, you can easily manage your application and directly modify your information. When all the information for application has been completed, you will enter another page for the confirmation of all the application information you have submitted, the last important step before your application being forwarded to your proposed field of study for review. Once your application has been submitted, no change can be made.

As an applicant who has submitted your application, you can simply log onto your ApplyWeb account and review the checklist on your Personal Activity Log to check your application status. Your checklist will be updated if your field receives and processes your application information. After submitting your application, please allow an appropriate amount of time to pass before expecting your application status to be updated. Any questions concerned with your application (e.g. missing information, anticipated notification date, etc.) should be received directly from your field.

Your decision notifications will be received directly from your field. Thus check your status often so that you can learn your decision notification as soon as it is made. If you fail to receive an admission offer this year, learning more about how to reapply is strongly recommended .

If you decide to attend Jinan University, and we sincerely hope that you will, please review our information about interview and next steps.