JNU Leaders Attends Undergraduate Classes

12th Apr, 2016

Source: Admission Office

President Hu Jun attended a class in “Comments on TV and Radio Broadcast”given by Liu Tao, a professor in the College of Journalism and Communication, on JNU’s main campus on April 12.

(Hu discussing teaching with Liu)

Liu won the Grand Prize in the Second Teaching Competition for new undergraduate teachers in 2014. Demonstrating very clear teaching language, he presented a class with rich content and quoted many news case studies for theoretical explanation. Hu and Liu discussed how to improve teaching levels as well as classroom discipline. Hu also suggested that teachers give students more time and opportunity to do independent thinking.

(Zhang conversing with Yang)

Vice President Zhang Ronghua also recently attended a class in“Fundamentals of Mono-Chip Computers and Applications”given by Yang Renhuan, a professor in the College of Information Science and Technology. Zhang said teachers should expand teaching content by following their disciplines’ academic frontiers and advised them to enrich their teaching methods to make classes more attractive.