Postgraduates applying for short-term overseas research program
To all college concerned:

According to "Regulations on International Exchange and Cooperation of Postgraduates of JNU" (Trial Version) and "Regulations on Short-term Overseas Research Program of Postgraduates of JNU" (Trial Version), the Gr
aduate School of JNU is planning to fund a group of outstanding postgraduates to go overseas for a short-term visit and research at top universities and research institution in their research areas for the purpose of improvement in research ability, international vision, and creativity.

Details of implementation are:

1. Funding Scheme
A group of outstanding postgraduates is to be funded for a short-term overseas visit and research at top universities and research institution in their research areas for a period of normally 3-6 months.
Students who have enjoyed national fund for overseas study, who are currently studying abroad, or who have received financial support from overseas universities or institutions for their living expenses are not counted in this funding scheme.

2. Requirements of Application
A. Applicants are eligible if he/she is current doctoral student or particularly excellent postgraduate student (directional, contractual postgraduates are not included).
B. Applicants should have solid professional foundation, potential in development and proficiency in foreign language.
C. Applicants should be physically and mentally healthy.

3. Application and Selection Procedures
(1) Materials to be submitted to belonging college:
A.“Approval Form for Short-term Overseas Research Program of Postgraduates of JNU”;
B. Your resume (since your study for the bachelor’s degree; description of your research, achievements, papers published, etc. should be included);
C. A copy of the formal invitation from overseas universities or institutions.
The invitation letter should state applicant’s basic information, period of overseas study, name of supervisor, research project, estimated expenditure, etc.
If the invitation letter is in a language other than English, a translation must be provided along with the original copy and have your supervisor and director of your college sign it to certify it as a true translation. An official seal is also needed;
D. Resume of Overseas Supervisor (within 2 pages)
Resume should show the supervisor’s name, major, university, academic achievements, papers published in recent 5 years, research project, research achievements, patent, awards, etc.
E. English-version Research Proposal (not exceeding 3 pages)
The research proposal shows research contents, background description, summary of preparations done for overseas study, target of overseas study, research method, research schedule, follow-up work after returning from abroad, etc. The proposal needs to have comments and signature from both domestic supervisor and overseas supervisor.
F. Explanation of Tuition/costs: whether a tuition will be charged; whether a scholarship will be offered; whether other fees will be charged, such as registration fee, etc. If a tuition is charged and a fund or job is offered, you need to clarify the exact amount. If these are covered in the invitation letter, then there is no need to state again.
G. A recommendation letter written by an expert in your research area (can not be your supervisor).
H. A copy of academic transcript: postgraduate and doctoral.
I. Copies of diploma and degree certificates.
J. Copies of certificates for foreign language proficiency.

(2) Each college submits materials of applicants to the Graduate School after examine and approval. A formal recommendation which states the applicant’s moral qualities, foreign language proficiency, academic level, future development direction, construction of discipline and staff is required.

(3) The name-list of selected applicants will be published after formal review.

4. Dispatching and management
(1) Funded postgraduates need to go through all procedures before they can be dispatched.
(2) During the overseas period, funded postgraduates should comply with regulations of the university or institution and local laws, and the administration of postgraduates refers to "
Regulations on the Administration of Nationally Sponsored Postgraduates for Overseas Study" (Trial Version).
(3) When any paper, research project, scientific achievement of funded postgraduates is published or publicized, they are required to state that “this research/achievement/paper has received fund and support from Jinan University”.
(4) Funded postgraduates should return at scheduled time and finish his course of study, with formal review of his/her research overseas written by his/her overseas supervisor (or research institution). Take the passport, formal review, summary of overseas study to the Graduate School to report arrival. The summary is expected to cover every aspect of overseas experience in study and life, and also research achievements.

5. Submission of Materials
Each college is required to submit 5 copies of the Approval Form (Attachment 1) and 5 copies of materials for application of each applicant, 1 copy of summary sheet (Attachment 2) to the Graduate School at Room 420 by Jun 06, 2014. If the college is sending an electronic edition via email, the address for the Graduate School is Applications are no longer accepted after the deadline.

1) Approval Form for Short-term Overseas Research Program of Postgraduates of JNU
2) Summary Sheet

The Graduate School
May 05, 2014