56th Batch of Post-doctoral Scientific Fund for General Program being applied

To each mobile station and post-doctoral research fellows:

Attached is "Guide for China’s Post-doctoral Scientific Fund of 2014".

Please notice:

1. Research fellows who are at the station are advised to read the guide to know the requirements and procedures of application. Those eligible are particularly encouraged.
2. About the application of the 56th batch of fund for general program.

Applicants are required to finish online application by Jun 13, 2014. A printed copy of application form, 3 copies of Recommendation Form of Experts (original copy) should be submitted by Jun 17, 2014 to the Post-doctoral Management Office. Examination and selection will be carried out after materials are received.

3. Each mobile station please make sure each post-doctor is informed of this notice.

4. Contact person:
Zhao Dan
Tel: 85228321

Attachment: Guide for China’s Post-doctoral Scientific Fund of 2014. pdf

The Post-doctoral Management Office of JNU

May 08, 2014