Jinan University Establishes Silk Road Scholarship for Outstanding Freshmen

Modified: 30/10/2016

Source: Nanfang Metropolis Daily

Reporter: Yin Lai

Correspondent: Chen Wenju

The Silk Road Scholarship, which Jinan University established this year, will recognize outstanding overseas Chinese and foreign freshmen with a top award of RMB 180,000.

JNU scholarships and grants include Chinese Government Scholarships, Jinan University Scholarships and Social Scholarships. JNU rewards students with scholarships, honorary titles, awards from provincial and national competitions. It has commended more than 16,000 -- 69 percent of all JNU students -- and awarded students more than RMB 42 million in 2015.

JNU awards each outstanding mainland freshman RMB 100,000. In addition, it established the Silk Road Scholarship to encourage outstanding overseas Chinese and foreign students, especially those from surrounding countries and regions along the Belt and Road Initiative, to apply and study at JNU, then to promote national development.

More than 600 overseas Chinese and foreign students were admitted to JNU in 2016. Thirty-one outstanding students, mainly from Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Laos, passed scholarship examinations, of whom 10 students received first scholarships of up to RMB 120,000. Students majoring in medical science will study here for six years and receive up to RMB 180,000. The scholarship can offset tuition and dormitory fees.

Applicants may not seek several scholarships sponsored by Chinese government and other organizations at the same time. Batsaikhan Davaadash from Mongolia, who gave up a scholarship from an American school to study in China, said his teacher, who is Chinese, had highly recommended Jinan University to him.

Edam Jachdiel Tumaini Shakir from Surinam and Tumelo Johnny Mabena from South Africa, both majoring in computer science and technology in the International School, decided to study further in Jinan University. Mabena stressed that they had chosen JNU over other opportunities because some of his relatives live in China and speak of highly JNU. The scholarship is also a significant factor.

Kevin Foo Tie Kao from Sri Lanka, majoring in food quality and safety, said he wished to go home and work in a job related to his major after four year of study and training. To his surprise, he said, he received the large scholarship.

Tuition for any major in the International School is more than 10,000 yuan a year. The scholarship of over 30,000 yuan would fall short if not used carefully. Asked whether the scholarship is enough, Davaadash said it was pretty good because of stable prices.

Kao said the scholarship would be a lot of money in Sri Lanka and e doesn’t have any economic pressure in China.