Name List of Students for State- sponsored- projects

To meet with the need of constructing government-sponsored project for sending high-level graduate students in university to study abroad, the China Scholarship Council hereby publish the name list of this year’s high-level graduate students. This name list was reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Education and finally determined by the Management Committee of the China Scholarship Council. Twelve students including Zhu Ning with our school won the subsidy 12 students. The specific name list of these 12 students is as follows:

1. Zhu Ning, University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Joint training doctoral student
2. Xia Yuxin, Linkoeping University, Sweden; Doctor graduate student
3. Xin Jimei, Hanazono University, Japan; Joint training doctoral student
4. Gao Jiong, University of Cincinnati, America; Doctor graduate student
5. Cao Yu, University of California, Santa Barbara, America; Joint training doctoral student
6. Zhu Siqi, Nanyang Technological University,Singapore; Joint training doctoral student
7. Chen Rui, Tilburg University, Holland; Doctor graduate student
8. Li Yuanyuan, University of New South Wales, Australia; Joint training doctoral student
9. Zhang Nan, Ludwig of Maximilian University, Germany; Joint training doctoral student
10. Hang Yan Yan, Indiana University, America; Joint training doctoral student
11. Lin Han’er, University of Bristol, Britain; Doctor graduate student
12. Peng Shuang, Cardiff University, Britain; Joint training doctoral student.

Note: Students in this list please come to the No.420 room of Administrative Office Building and fetch relevant materials before June 5