JNU Solicits Birthday Wishes From the World on Weibo

Modified: Nov 2, 2016

Source: JNU News Center

Author: Li Yueyang

JNU created a topic on the microblog Weibo with the hashtag “I’m in __, wishing JNU a happy 110th birthday!”on Oct. 19, a month before the anniversary. Calling on teachers, students, alumni and others to send their wishes, the topic makes them feel involved and creates a celebratory atmosphere. It also evokes their affection by sharing their stories about JNU and current locations, gathering more strength to build JNU into a high-level university. JNU will select and repost 110 interesting wishes and reward the participants with 110 school badges by Nov. 19 when the activity ends.

By Oct. 28, the topic had been viewed 636,000 times; the official tweet had been viewed 21,000 times and reposted 30 times. JNU had received 81 wishes from nearly 30 countries, among them China, Canada, the United States, Britain, Ireland, Australia and Malaysia. Within China, participants from 20 provinces and autonomous regions sent their wishes, including Tibet, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia and the three islands in South China Sea. The wishes took forms of words, pictures, video clips and songs.

(Wishes from various parts of the world)

(Alumni reposting a feature article on the 110th-anniversary of JNU)

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