Nobel Laureate Appointed Chairman of JNU Advisory Board

Date: Oct. 11, 2016

Author : Xu Mengyao & Wuqian

Source: Institute of Economic and Social Research

Published: JNU News Center

Prof. James J. Heckman, 2000 Nobel laureate in Economics and an honorary professor at JNU, was appointed chairman of the JNU Institute of Economic and Social Research Advisory Board on Oct. 9. Vice President Song Xianzhong presented the appointment letter to Heckman and awarded the school badge to him.

Heckman delivered a speech titled “The Lifelong Efficacy of Early Childhood Education.” He said in the speech that research on early childhood education would reduce social inequality and promote social mobility and that the long-term data gained from social experiments would play a significant role in evaluating the benefits of early childhood education. His research has showed that a wealth of information may be obtained by analyzing both experimental and non-experimental data using economic methods.

(Professor Heckman delivering a speech)

“Professor Heckman is one of the most influential economists in the world, noted for his contributions to the areas of economics and social sciences.” said Feng Shuaizhang, dean of the institute. “His recent research is focused on economics of human flourishing, particularly regarding the development of cognitive and non-cognitive abilities in humans’ early childhood, which coincides with the research of Institute of Economic and Social Research on China’s left-behind children and migrant children.”

Two students asked Heckman what he thought of narrowing the employment gap between rural and urban workers, caused by the rural and urban education gap. “It is a broad and knotty problem, like the racial problems in American society, which exists not only in developing countries but also in America,” Heckman said. “The U.S government, likewise, has a long way to go in achieving rural-urban education equality.”

(Two students talking with professor Heckman)