JNU holds international conference on classic novel

Modified time: Oct 14, 2016

Source: JNU Library

Publisher: News Center

On the occasion of JNU’s 110th anniversary, the 12th international academic conference on Jin Ping Mei, one of the four most famous classic novels of the Ming Dynasty, and an exhibition on different versions of it were held at the JNU Library from Oct. 9 to 13. Over 120 representatives from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam attended an in-depth discussion focusing on the book’s literary and culture studies, different versions and commentary studies, communication studies, and comparative study with other novels.

JNU President Hu Jun said JNU has been famous for the liberal arts since its founding. Novels of the Ming and Qing Dynasties are not only carriers of traditional Chinese culture but also part of it. Jin Ping Mei, as the most important of the four Ming Dynasty masterpieces, is of great significance in the development of Chinese classic novels. He also said that this conference exemplifies the integration of academic research and the promotion of reading literary classics, which would give better play to library’s role of book collection, academic research and cultural inheritance, thus creating a strong campus culture atmosphere.

Huang Lin, a professor at the Institute of Chinese Language and Literature of Fudan University and president of China’s Jin Ping Mei Research Institute, summed up research achievements on this book in the last 30 years. Huang affirmed JNU’s strength in studying this book and pointed out that the exhibition of different versions and research achievements, as well as the publication of Records for Different Versions of Jin Ping Mei, were highlights of the conference.

(At the conference)

After the conference’s opening ceremony, JNU displayed 70 editions and 409 volumes of Jin Ping Mei from China and abroad in windows, racks and panels. Over 800 research books were shown, including complete, abridged and the overseas versions.

On publication of Records for Different Versions of Jin Ping Mei, Men Jie, chief editor from Hong Kong Mengmei Museum, and specialist in versions of Jin Ping Mei, and Yin Mengxia, deputy director of National Library Press, spoke on the book’s significance and the publication process, respectively. Complied by Shi Xiaojun, JNU library curator, and Luo Zhihuan, a senior fellow at the JNU library, and published by National Library Press, Records for Different Versions of Jin Ping Mei (graphic edition) shows the rich editions of this book and the fruits of Jin Studies.

(Opening ceremony of the exhibition)

This conference attracted coverage and reprints from Guangzhou Television, Guangzhou Daily, Yangcheng Evening News and Sina Net.