Chinese culture kindles closing ceremony for Freshmen Training Camp

Modified time: Oct 8, 2016

Source: The News Center

The closing ceremony for JNU’s Freshmen Training Camp and the Welcome Gala for Freshmen were held in the school hall on Sept. 29. Some school officials, along with 2,000 students and teachers, attended the ceremony.

Freshmen Training Camp organized several activities, including “Lecture on Chinese Etiquette,” “Learn Jinan Quan” (a kind of kung fu) and “Performance Dragon and Lion Dance” to help students feel the charm and profundity of traditional Chinese culture.

In addition, JNU began an online video education project for parents and students to teach the students gratitude and filial piety. In “Lecture on Chinese Etiquette,” the lecturer introduced the long history of Chinese traditional culture and exhibited clothes and ornaments of the Han nationality. He also invited students to wear those clothes and give a show. There was also a quiz show about Chinese culture and JNU history. International students performed Chinese dance, such as dragon and lion dance.

(Performing Jinan Quan)

During the Freshmen Training Camp, JNU organized five large-scale lectures in which experts explained mental adaptation, emotion management, safety education, interpersonal relationships and college life. Each college had masters to explain specialized subjects.

(Folk dance)

JNU started the Freshmen Training Camp in 2012 to exemplify its role as a university for overseas Chinese. Freshmen will not experience military training like those at other Chinese universities; instead, they receive this unique freshmen education. More than 3,000 freshmen this year have moved into college life from the Freshmen Training Camp, making the transition from high school to college students.

(Evening party)