JUN Team’s Trip to South America Yields More Stories of Overseas Chinese

Modified: September 18, 2016

Source: The College of Journalism and Communication

Author: Duo Mingzhao

Published: News Center

The “I’m a Reporter” team from JNU’s College of Journalism and Communication finished shooting a documentary on ”The Overseas Chinese in SouthAmerica” on Sept. 8. On a monthlong visit to Ecuador, Panama and Peru, the team interviewed nearly 50 overseas Chinese, tracking down the communities’ stories and achievements in the last 100 years to convey their deep affection for their Chinese motherland. The team also reproduced and recorded some precious historical materials provided by the overseas Chinese, which have great significance to JNU for its overseas Chinese studies in South America.

(A reporter talking with an overseas Chinese)

(A teacher and his students shooting a Chinese newspaper printing plant)

The team was fully supported by the overseas Chinese there, all of whom could not help revealing a strong sense of patriotism and national pride. “Although our overseas Chinese in South America live farthest away from the motherland China, our deep love for China remains unabated,” said Wu Dixiang, president of the Chinese Charity Association in Ecuador. “As China is getting stronger and stronger, the status of our overseas Chinese has improved accordingly.”

Many overseas Chinese showed great interest in Jinan University, asking the camera crew about majors and living conditions, and expressing hope that their children could study atJNU in the future.