16 JNU Scholars Selected for Pearl River Scholars Program

Modified: September 14th, 2016

Source: Office of Human Resource Development and Management

Posted by Jinan News Center

The Pearl River Scholars Program for institutions of higher education in Guangdong province has released a list of selected disciplines and candidates, including 15 JNU professors and one researcher.

Professors He Zhongming and Liu Zenghe from the College of Liberal Arts, Ju Zhengyu from the Institute of Aging and Regeneration, and Wang Chunchao from the School of Economics were appointed distinguished professors in the Pearl River Scholars Program. Professors Liu Bing from the Medical School, Guan Dabo from the School of Economics, Banwell Martin Gerhardt from the Pharmacy College, XiangBiao from the School of International Studies (Academy of Overseas Chinese Studies), Derek Muir from the School of Environment, and Yang Wang and Suo Zucai from the College of Life Science and Technology were hired as chair professors in the program. In addition, Professors Liu Tao from the College of Journalism and Communication, Zhang Dongmei from the Pharmacy College, Zhu Bangzhu and Li Wenjing from the Management School, and researcher Guo Ying from the School of Environment were employed as Young Pearl River Scholars. (Cheng Wei)

With 16 selected, JNU ranks first and the hired posts rank second in Guangdong province. JNU has 11 distinguished professors, 11 chair professors and 5 Young Pearl River Scholars.

The hiring of Pearl River Scholars and the establishment of their posts at JNU will strongly drive its discipline construction, raise its scientific research level and enhance its discipline strength, promoting further development of its key disciplines. (Bao Ruojun)