JNU Leaders Visit Teacher Representatives to Welcome Teachers’ Day

Modified: September, 9th, 2016

Source: Office of Human Resource Development and Management College of Science and Engineering

Publisher: News center

As the 32nd Teachers’Day drew near, JNU President Hu Jun, Deputy Secretary Xia Quan and Vice President Zhang Hong visited the university’s teacher representatives on Sept. 8 to express their sincere wishes and greetings.

The leaders and their accompanying staff members visited fellow Shaw-chen Liu from the Research Institute of Environment and Climate, fellow Ren-huai Liu from the Institute of Science and Technology, Prof. Sheng-Yong Wang from the School of Medicine and Prof. Peng-zi Rao from the College of Liberal Arts.(Bao Ruojun)

(Visiting fellow Shaw-chen Liu)

(Visiting fellow Ren-huai Liu)

(Visiting fellow Peng-zi Rao)

(Visiting fellow Sheng-Yong Wang)

After acquiring in-depth knowledge of professors’ living conditions through the visit, the leaders expressed gratitude for their outstanding contribution to JNU’s development over time. Hu spoke of such JNU projects as establishing a high-level university, setting up the 13th Five-Year Plan, constructing a new campus, preparing for the 110th anniversary of JNU’s founding, and introducing and cultivating talents. He listened to the professors’ suggestions about JNU’s strategic development, discipline platform construction, and introduction and cultivation of talents.

During the visit, Hu was accompanied by leaders of party and government offices, the Party Committee’s Organization and Propaganda Departments, and the Office of Human Resource Development and Management. (Cheng Wei)