JNU Students Win 2 Crystal Prizes in Advertising Competition

Modified: August 30, 2016

Source: International Affairs Office

Publisher: News Center

Students from JNU’s School of Journalism and Communication reaped two Young Stars Crystal Prizes at the BUSAN AD STARS 2016 awards ceremony at Haeundae Grand Hotel in Busan, South Korea, on Aug. 27. It was the first time JNU’s advertising students had participated in an international advertising competition outside China.

(Contestants giving presentations)

Three groups of JNU advertising majors were chosen to attend after many rounds of selection, including school selection, experts’ review and the Young Stars Ad Contest. The fierce two-day competition involved 108 contestants from China, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Russia, the United States, Indonesia and Spain.

JNU’s winning projects were the KT Beauty Project by Wu Junlin and Zhang Yue, and Data Sharea by Chen Suyun, Cai Zhanpeng and Luo Wanying. BUSAN-AD ATARS 2016 had four levels of prizes: one Gold, two Silver, three Bronze and four Crystal. JNU teams ranked first and second in the Crystal Prizes, with the total scores ranking fifth and sixth in the whole competition. This competition, which drew coverage in Chinese media, was broadcast live by Netease, a Chinese online platform, and seen by millions.

(Contestants concentrating on their projects)

Established in 2008, BUSAN AD STARS has become the largest ad festival in Asia and the third-largest in the world. With the theme of “Break,” AD STARS 2016, often called the Oscars of advertising, displayed the huge impact of technological innovation on the industry, attracting many distinguished guests in advertising and marketing from around the world. Judges of AD STARS 2016 were over 260 advertising experts from all over the world, some world-renowned.