JNU Sets Up Center for Latin American Studies

Modified: August 31, 2016

Source: Information Times

Published: News Center

JNU unveiled its Center for Latin American Studies on Aug. 30. The center aims to enable universities, elementary and secondary schools in Latin America to offer Chinese language courses; to support Latin American schools by sending Chinese teachers and helping build Local Chinese Teachers Training Centers; to promote the joint training of talented people in Spanish with Latin American universities and schools; and to facilitate the establishment of JNU’s Spanish department.

According to President Hu Jun, JNU has conducted educational cooperation with Latin American countries since 2000. “At present, JNU has set up its overseas admissions offices in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Panama,” Hu said. “In addition, JNU has established cooperative relationships with 14 Latin American universities and education and cultural Institutions, including the University of Brasília, the University of Chile and the University of Cuenca. In recent years, the educational exchanges between JNU and Latin American universities have become increasingly frequent with more areas of collaboration expanded, which has laid a good foundation for the further cooperation.” .

Based on the govenrment’s “China and Latin American and Caribbean Countries Cooperation Pplan (2015-2019 ),” the Center for Latin American Studies will launch education and human resources training, recreational exchanges and academic exchanges with Latin America countries. It will give full play to its role as think tank for Latin American studies, thus providing a theoretical basis for the Guangdong provincial government to form related policies toward Latin America. Moreover, the center will join the Think Tank Forum for China, Latin American and Caribbean Countries so that it can make its voice heard and provide intellectual support to promoting relationships between China and Latin America.