​National medical experts join in JNU medical English-teaching contest

Modified: June 28

Source: International School

Author: He Pengde, Wu Xiyang

The first Medical English-Teaching Contest for young teachers and the academic conference of the International Students’ Medical Teaching Council under the Chinese Pharmacological Society was held at JNU on June 18 and 19. More than 250 experts and guests from 58 universities attended.

The contest was sponsored by the Medical Teaching Council, organized by JNU and implemented by the International School, whose programs are taught entirely in English. It aims to improve the quality of education for foreign medical students; discuss the teaching quality standard, training program, entrance examination and medical licensing examination of English teaching for international students majoring in clinical medicine; and implement the quality control standard of the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) project.

Reflecting on JNU’s long history of medical education, President Hu Jun said JNU is a comprehensive university pioneering the establishment of a medical school that will recruit overseas students. In 1984, JNU registered with the World Health Organization so that its graduates could take part in medical licensing examinations around the world, earning a good reputation for JNU worldwide. Hu also encouraged attendees to take this opportunity to exchange advanced teaching ideas and experience on MBBS with other medical universities. He pledged that JNU would use this seminar as an opportunity to regulate teaching management and improve teaching quality for international students at JNU, especially those majoring in medicine. Meanwhile, he said, JNU will enhance its communication and cooperation with other medical colleges and universities, jointly building a world-renowned brand in medical education.

This was the first teaching contest targeting the MBBS project in China, and 54 teachers from 47 medical schools across the country competed. After two days of fierce competition, two teachers won grand prizes, six won first prizes, 10 second prizes and 20 third prizes. Wang Dongju and Wang Lijun from JNU won first and second Prizes, respectively.

MBBS (a six-year program) was set up by the International School with full English instruction in 2001. Overseas students in the program started to enjoy classes exclusively for them in 2005, said the school’s dean, Professor Wang Liwei, Now students in the International School come from 79 countries and regions in the world; 1,700 are currently in the school, and over 300 students are graduates who majored in medicine. Most of them passed doctor qualification examinations and became qualified doctors in countries and regions including the United States, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Hong Kong. Nearly all the Indian and Pakistan graduate students in the MBBS program can pass the doctor qualification examination in their own country.