JNU Sophomore Publishes Article in Top International Journal

Modified: June 23, 2016

Source: Office of Teaching Affairs, College of Science and Engineering

Qiu Meijia, a second-year student in applied physics in the College of Science and Engineering, has published a research paper in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A. The journal is indexed in first sector of the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with an Impact Factor (IF) of 7.443. Professor Mai Wenjie advised Qiu on the paper.

The article is entitled “WO3 Nanoflowers With Excellent Pseudo-capacitive Performance and the Capacitance Contribution Analysis.” Qiu and other researchers synthesized a nanoflower-like WO3 (NFL-WO3) electrode with pseudo-capacitive performance, explored its capacitance-retaining mechanism and put forward a new method to asses super capacitors’ applicability.

Since her first year, Qiu has been studying in Siyuan Laboratory, built by Lin Weiyi, an alumnus of the university’s physics department with 5 million yuan. Qiu is also participating in one of the major scientific and technological innovation programs of Guangdong Province as a key member. Under Mai’s instruction, she has been studying cutting-edge research topics, including energy storage materials and devices.

Six undergraduates from Siyuan Laboratory have published SCI papers as the first authors.