Two groups stand out in “Win in Innovation”

Modified: June 15,2016

Source: Office of Academic Affairs

JNU’s Office of Academic Affairs and Management School hosted the fourth session of the seventh “Win in Innovation” competition on June 2. Two innovative works stood out among seven. “Plants Diary: An App of Plants Search System Based on Network and Mobile Terminals,” developed by a team led by Li Yongyi of the College of Life Science and Technology, received the award for best program. “Integrated Smoke Processing Technology in Minimally Invasive Surgery,” from a team headed by Li Deyong of the School of Environment, was named most popular.

(The award ceremony)

A video made by Li Yongyi’s group, recording the flowering process with time-lapse photography, fascinated spectators. Li showed the team’s project, a science-learning app that searches for information on unfamiliar plants in South China through interactive retrieval and image recognition systems. After praising the team’s efforts, experts and audience members offered views for the project’ s future development ,including establishing a database and considering the app’s social and economic effect.

Li Deyong’s group, with the audience-pleasing campaign slogan “We are not handsome nor cute, but we are reliable,” went directly to the final with Li Yongyi’s team. Liang Chang’s group from the Medical School, with a project related to “Mechanism Research on Culturing Cells From Hair,” and Li Huaxiong’s team from the School of Physical Education, with “Yidao: An Online Fitness Platform,” earned Awards of Excellence.