JNU Holds 33rd Session of Postgraduate Student Representative Conference

Date: June 15, 2016

Source: Graduate Affairs Office of Party Committee

JNU held the 33rd Postgraduate Representative Conference on May 21, with 275 postgraduate representatives attending. A Proposal Collection Activity was held during the conference, with more than 260 proposals and suggestions submitted. Earlier in the month, the Proposal Advisory Activity covered such issues as room and board and transportation problems; student scholarships and subsidies; academic work and scientific research; internships and employment; and college life and activities, receiving full replies from nearly 20 relevant departments and bureau.

Lin Rupeng, JNU’s party committee secretary, spoke highly of work done by the postgraduate student union and its committee members. Lin praised their efforts to serve students and teachers, foster an academic atmosphere, create various activities and build a harmonious campus. He pointed out that JNU currently embraces the great opportunity to establish itself as a high-level university. A comprehensive reform has been launched to advance mechanism innovation, which will promote the comprehensive strength, international competitiveness and impact on the international community this year.

As JNU observes its 110th anniversary, Vice President Zhang Hong said he hoped the new session of the Committee of the Postgraduate Student Union would seize the exciting opportunity to work with all the postgraduates to promote the Jinan Spirit --“Being faithful, honest and competent while being sincere. Unifying our knowledge and practice and strengthening ourselves constantly. Pursuing harmony without uniformity”-- and contribute its share to establish a high-level university.

(Secretary Lin and Vice-president Zhang presenting awards for Excellent Postgraduate Student Unions)

Nine College Graduate Student Associations were named the 2015-2016 University-Level Outstanding Graduate Student Association:those of the Management School, the College of Liberal Arts, the First Clinical Medical School, the College of Chinese Language and Culture, the College of Life Science and Technology, the College of Economics, the Law School, the College of International Property and the Pharmacy College. The Graduate Student Association of the College of Journalism and Communication won the award for best innovation, and that of School of Public Administration and Emergency Management won the award for best contribution In addition, in JNU Graduate Student Association, the Secretariat, the Human Resources Department, the Entertainment Department and the Financial Supervision Department were named the 2015-2016 Outstanding Departments.