Vice president of California Baptist University visits JNU

Modified: June 13, 2016

Source: International Affairs Office

Dr. Larry Linamen, vice president of California Baptist University, and Dr. Zheng Shasha, his assistant, visited Jinan University on June 6. Song Xianzhong, vice president of Jinan University, met with them to discuss cooperation on personnel exchange and dual-degree program, in which the two schools have agreed to launch an undergraduate exchange program.

Vice President Song extended a warm welcome to Dr. Linamen and invited him to the Sino-Foreign University Presidents' Forum on Nov. 19, part of JNU’s 110th-anniversary celebration. “California Baptist University has maintained a good cooperative relationship with JNU’s Faculty of Food Engineering of the College of Science and Engineering,” Song said. “We hope this visit can facilitate the cooperation of the intercollegiate personnel exchange and the dual-degree program based on an already existing cooperation between the two universities.”

(Vice President Song Xianzhong meeting with Dr. Larry Linamen)

Dr. Linamen said: “Located in Southern California, the most concentrated area for the distribution of Chinese students in America, California Baptist University attaches great importance to its cooperation with Chinese universities. So far, the university has collaborated with Chinese universities in various ways, including launching a visiting scholars’ program and a short-term exchange students’ program. We look forward to launching a broad collegiate cooperation with Jinan University on the basis of our close connection with its Faculty of Food Engineering. ”

California Baptist University was founded in 1950 as a private university in Riverside, in Ssouthern California. It offers degrees and certificate courses in 150 undergraduate majors and 45 postgraduate majors. The university has more than 8,000 students and is famous for its small classes and beautiful campus environment.