President Hu attends roundtable conference of Sino-Indian universities

Modified: May 27, 2016

Source: Office of International Exchange and Cooperation

Indian President Pranab Mukherjee and Chinese Education Minister Yuan Guiren attended the roundtable conference of Sino-Indian universities at Peking University on May 26. JNU President Hu Jun, attended, along with the presidents of Peking University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institutes of Management, Central University of Gujarat and other 20 key universities. Discussions focused on two major topics: “Scientific research -- to build world class universities and disciplines” and “Education -- to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.”

President Hu shared JNU’s experience of innovation and entrepreneurship education. At the subforum on “Education -- to promote innovation and entrepreneurship,” he introduced JNU’s “double engine” of cultivating innovative undergraduate talents – the 3-3-3 Undergraduate Teaching Management System (three factors, three platforms and three systems) and the Excellent Future Innovation Education Plan. He said JNU has formed a distinctive talent-training mode for innovation and entrepreneurship by strengthening the construction of curriculum groups in classroom teaching, incorporating innovation and entrepreneurship elements into extracurricular activities, and creating a training platform with integration and incubation. President Hu also focused on the talent-training conditions for undergraduate international students majoring in internal medicine and surgery in a six-year clinical medicine program, which was an Innovative Education Cooperation Talents Training Project carried out by JNU’s cooperation with India.

(President Hu’s speech)

Mukherjee said he hoped that India and China could reinvigorate culture and knowledge and change the current trend of learning only from Western countries to promote Sino-Indian cultural exchanges through mutual learning among universities from both countries.

(President Mukherjee’s speech)

JNU and the Central University of Gujarat signed a cooperation agreement in the presence of President Mukherjee and Yuan Guiren.

Central University of Gujarat is one of the key central universities established by the Indian Ministry of Education and the only university in western India offering courses in Chinese society and culture. In the last five years, it has quickly developed as an emerging university with a good reputation in the fields of Indian language and chemistry. The two sides reached a consensus on teacher and student exchanges, cooperative research and course development.

(JNU and Central University of Gujarat signed an agreement)