Jinan Prepares to Rebuild Mongolia Yurt

Modified: May 13, 2016

Source: Ta Kung Pao

Author: Fang Junming

Jinan University initiated a fundraising drive, “Let’s Help Build the Mongolia Yurt” on April 11 to rebuild its representative construction in the last century--the “Mongolia Yurt.” Within a month, over 2,000 school alumni at home or abroad contributed more than 5 million yuan ($766,000).

Model of the “Mongolia Yurt” at the launch ceremony (Fang Junming/Ta Kung Pao)

The new “Mongolia Yurt” will serve the original’s functions as a combination of cafeteria, student activity and academic exchange centers on the south campus in Panyu District. It is expected to be completed by September 2018.

“Built originally at Shaw Sports Complex in 1961, the ‘Mongolia Yurt’ was renovated four times before being demolished in 1989 because of the university’s extension,” said Jinan President Hu Jun, “As one of Jinan’s most attractive and distinctive constructions, it carried memories for Jinan students, especially those from Hong Kong and Macao, since Jinan enrolled the largest number in mainland China.”