‘Song of Life’ presented at Jinan University

Modified: May 12, 2016

Source: Guangzhou Evening Post

Author: Wang Qian

“The Song of Life” was presented by Shanxi Province Theater in the main hall of Jinan University on April 29. Centered on the Belt and Road Initiative and the Chinese Dream, it tells the story of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps’s (XPCC) support for the development of Xinjiang Province. The performance was presented to introduce fine art to campus and celebrate JNU’ s 110th anniversary.

The play is based on true stories of XPCC Sixth Division’ s opening up wasteland and safeguarding border areas in 1953. It mainly describes how Chen Xugang, a member of the first generation of the corps, and his descendants pursued their common ideals by taking different paths. It tells of their devotion to the great work, demonstrating their profound understanding of loyalty, persistence, faith and value of life.

(Stage photo of “Song of Life”)

Rao Min, vice president of JNU, addressed the audience before the performance. “Organized by the Ministries of Education, Culture and Finance, the introduction of fine art to campus is an important way to enrich students’ cultural life on campus and improve their artistic accomplishment,” Rao said. “It is hoped that this activity will improve JNU students’ aesthetic taste and cultural competence, which helps them shape their characters, develop their talents and establish their good manners.”