Shenzhen District Officials Visit Jinan for Educational Cooperation

Modified: April 22, 2016

Source: Office of the Party and Government Affairs

An official delegation from Shenzhen’s Bao’an District, led by Deputy District Chief Liang Minhua, visited Jinan University on April 15 to discuss cooperation in education and health programs. The delegation met with three vice presidents of the university, Liu Jiesheng, Ye Wencai and Hong An.

(In the meeting)

Ye welcomed the delegation and briefed it on Jinan’s general situation. Li Guangming, executive dean of the university’s Shenzhen campus (Shenzhen Tourism College), and Lin Man, deputy chief of the Jinan's Science and Technology Division, talked respectively about the concept for the university’s new campus and the city’s green development institute in Bao’an District. Ye also introduced the potential collaboration in medical field.

Recognizing Jinan’s distinct accomplishment, Liang expressed his confidence and welcomed cooperation with the university. Highlighting the support offered by Bao’an District in policy-making, financing and land planning, he said he expected the university to establish a campus up to Jinan’s standards in discipline and cultivation. He also mentioned the district’s plan to build hospitals during 13th Five-Year Plan, offering broad prospects in medical cooperation.